About Us

Shop Shop Girls is the driving force behind decisions that mainly specify the attribute of our subscribers’ and customers’ lives. We measure progress throughout associations, products and services and authorities locally, nationally and internationally.

Shop Shop Girls has gained a reputation as the top supplier of civic journalism, specialist consumer information, rankings and information evaluation. Our programs comprise annual manuals of their authoritative Best Colleges and Best Hospitals ranks, in Addition to U.S. News, Live with flagship conferences on significant national discussions surrounding the Healthcare of Tomorrow and Workforce of Tomorrow.

According to Education, Health, Technology, Traveling, Business and Information, Shop Shop Girls reaches over 100 thousands individuals monthly during moments when they’re most receptive to specialist advice. U.S. News’ signature franchises comprise its”Greatest” series of consumer guides on schools, graduate schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, mutual funds, health programs, diets and much more.

As a reliable authority supplying empowerment and guidance which enhances the quality of life for both customers and communities at the local, national and international levels, U.S. News contributes to better lifestyle choices.

Launched in 2014, Shop Shop Girls is headquartered in Canada, Ontario with advertisements, corporate and sales offices in New York and New Jersey. The Business is independently owned by Mary B. Zuckerman, together with James Gelt serving as the Executive Chairman.