Do you own a small business? Are you having difficulties in marketing it? Try doing so by using these top social media platforms we have listed. Keep on reading to learn about them.


Running a small business is not a simple job. You have to handle multiple responsibilities to keep it afloat, especially if you cannot afford to hire additional employees for specific tasks. From supervising employees, managing finances to marketing. These are just a few of the things you should be an expert in to create a successful business. 

Now, one of the tasks that business owners should handle perfectly is the marketing part. However, most people fail to realize how effective marketing can greatly affect the success of a business. What’s more, businesses do not get a professional’s help to assist them in marketing because they think it will be expensive. But the thing is, this is the main reason why several businesses lead to bankruptcy. 

You see, marketing a business does not have to be expensive. There are a bunch of agencies that offer affordable services for this, like Vovia. They are a Calgary marketing firm that assists businesses in reaching more customers. Meaning, you can be sure that you will get a bang for your buck if you decide to avail of their services.

Still, some companies really cannot afford to hire a firm to assist them. In cases like this, the best thing to do is to market their business all by themselves. This can be achieved through social networking sites. And we are here to help out with this. Hence, we came up with a list of the top social media platforms where small businesses can freely perform their marketing. 

The Best Social Networking Sites to Market a Small Business

1. Facebook

We think that it is safe to say that Facebook is the most popular social networking site to date. From men to women of all ages come here to socialize with all their friends and family. And for businesses, that means marketing on Facebook can lead them to a jackpot if they just do it right. 

Using Facebook, you can create a profile or page for your business. By doing so, you are creating a platform where customers can message you about their concerns. You can then create posts containing all the menus or services, events, promotions, discounts, and more! With this, your business can reach people within and outside your area. 

2. Instagram

Another social media platform where you can effectively market your business is Instagram. Although Instagram is younger than Facebook, the number of monthly users on this platform is more than a billion. So, if you decide to market on this social networking site, you will surely reach many possible customers. There are tons of online shops on Instagram that market or sell their goods and services to prove this. 

3. Twitter

Like the other platforms we mentioned, Twitter is a popular social networking site with various users. Many people use this site to get their daily news. Therefore, this platform is the best place to market a business if you want to attract more customers. You can tweet information about your business and the services you provide. Plus, you can even engage with your customers to discuss their concerns or suggestions regarding the services you offer. 

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